Services & Repairs

Need some air in your tires? Swing by and use our free pump.

We also offer a number of services in the maintenance shop at our retail location. Bring in your bike so we can do an immediate assessment and give you a quote.

Installation Baby Seat: $25.00
Bar Ends: $12.00
Basket: $12.00
Bicycle Computer: $20.00
Fenders (full): $15.00
Fenders (clip-on): $9.00
Mirror: $5.00
Training Wheels: $15.00
Miscellaneous Wheel True (each): $25.00
Bottom Bracket: $35.00
Brakes: $20.00
Coaster Brake: $45.00
Internal Gears: (hourly)
Headset: $35.00
Hubs: $25.00
Pedals (set): $30.00
Suspension Fork: (hourly)
Assembly Bike Boxing: $30.00
Bike Build and Tune: $80.00
Bike Build and Tune (fixed gear): $70.00


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